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Experience the pinnacle of care with our specialised services in Shockwave therapy, custom foot orthotics, and sports injury rehabilitation. Our esteemed team of expert podiatrists and physiotherapists are dedicated to guiding you towards a speedy recovery, providing unwavering support and tailored treatment at every step.

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Our Mantra “One Life, One Body” We are all given one body, and it is up to us to look after it. At Central Health and Sports, we want to help you feel the best, help minimise your pain and enhance your performance. 

Central Health and Sports is more than just an appointment; it is an investment in yourself to a better quality of life. We are passionate about our jobs, and we care about you and your journey to a healthier, fitter, stronger and pain-free life.

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We offer a full range of physiotherapy and podiatry services at Central Health and Sports, Morisset

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At Central Health and Sports, our patients are our number one priority. Do not settle for mediocrity when it comes to your health. We are invested in you from the minute you walk in the door. Your goals become ours.

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Central Health and Sports. Morisset

Trusted Specialists in Podiatry and Physiotherapy

Central Health and Sports offer supportive care and treatment for children and adults in podiatry and physiotherapy.

We are confident in our abilities and are constantly updated with the newest and most effective treatments and technology. Our gym is spacious with private treatment rooms and fitted out with brand-new equipment.

Our highly skilled physiotherapists and podiatrists adopt the most current evidence-based practices to effectively address a broad spectrum of conditions. Whether recovering from a workplace injury, or sports-related ailment, or grappling with persistent discomfort, our dedicated practitioners stand firmly by your side, providing comprehensive support throughout your recovery process.

Embark on the transformative path to recovery by securing an appointment with us today.

What Our Patients Say

Thanks to Rachel my 12 year old finally went through with having her badly infected toe nails repaired. A great bedside manner that kept her calm & relaxed enough to get the job done.

Tracey Fitzpatrick