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One of the biggest misconceptions about an injury is that the problem is fixed if the pain is gone.

Here at @central.health.and.sports we believe in movement, we believe in sport, we believe in being physically fit, strong and healthy.

Having an injury sucks. An achy knee, sore lower back, stabbing pain in the heels and feet, shoulder stiffness and pain.

Having an injury doesn’t mean you stop working out or necessarily have to stop playing sport it just means if you do the correct rehabilitation it doesn’t have to hold you back. You will return stronger and better than ever, we’ll make sure of it.

We love our local community and its sporting culture. If you’re a member of a sporting club or gym in Morisset and surrounding local suburbs here is your chance to get $20 off your initial appointment here @central.health.and.sports call 4970 5447 to book in, don’t let injury hold you back anymore…. “one life one body” look after it & invest in a better life ⭐️ #podiatry #physiotherapy #morisset #sport #medical

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