One Life, One Body

Central Health and Sports (formally Central Podiatry) originated in Morisset in 2010. We are a local Podiatry and Physical Therapy clinic creating awareness among the community of the enormous health benefits that podiatric and physical therapy treatment offer to positively impact people’s lives.

We frequently have patients attending the clinic who have been suffering from chronic debilitating pain for many years. Watch Debbie in the video explain how we helped her after her previous treatment elsewhere did not solve her problem.

We offer a wide range of podiatry and physiotherapy treatments, including biochemical assessments where we can see if there are joint restrictions or muscle tightness, or weakness that may be a contributing factor to their pain. We also offer our patients Shock Wave Therapy for the treatment of foot and lower limb injuries.

So if you’re suffering from any acute pain or chronic injury, don’t continue to put up with it. Come and see the team at Central Health and Sports to get you back to living pain-free

Meet the Team

Principle Podiatrist

“My sporting background has led me to a strong interest in soft tissue injuries and the biomechanics behind them. I have a passion for getting people back to 100% post-injury and offer state of the art treatments and return to sports programs”.


“I have a strong interest in sporting injuries and rehabilitation this is what led me to further my studies in Physiotherapy. In my spare time I am a keen surfer, and you’ll find me at the beach”


“I have a passion for holistic approaches to wellbeing. I love that being a Podiatrist allows you to help people in so many ways. I am extremely interested in Diabetic care.”


“I love treating patients of all ages and improving their quality of life, I love that being a Physiotherapist you can be such a positive impact on someone’s life by helping them in reducing pain and improving functionality.”


“I have played a multitude of Sports which has led me to be a Physiotherapist and now aspiring Doctor. I’m a keen weightlifter so I am no stranger to injuries I understand the struggles that come with being injured and love getting my patients to peak physical condition.”


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