Post Nail Surgery Patient Advice

Information and advice on what you should do after nail surgery



  • You must not drive home. This can be dangerous due to toe numbness and the large dressing.
  • Wear wide sandals or thongs to reduce pressure on the toe.
  • Rest and elevate the foot ASAP and for the next 24 hours.
  • If there is any blood coming through the dressing, leave the dressing in place and apply an extra dressing over the top of the existing one.
  • Pain killers are often not required but if pain is experienced then Paracetamol (not Nurofen or Ibuprophen) may be taken. You can also ice the top of the foot; ensuring the ice is covered in a thin cloth/towel so the wound does not get wet. If pain continues and the toe is throbbing, you may need to undo the dressing slightly to relieve the pressure and then redress.
  • Do minimal activities and avoid drinking alcohol over the next 2-4 days.
  • The dressing should be kept clean and “DRY” and left intact.
  • If issues arise (area becomes red, hot, swollen or painful), call your Podiatrist. If the podiatrist is unavailable you may need to visit your doctor or attend the hospital’s emergency department.
  • Attend your review appointment in 3 days in which the wound will be assessed, cleaned, redressed. A demonstration on how to perform the redresses will be provided so that you can continue to look after your toe at home.
  • Dress toe for the next 2-4 weeks depending on progress.

General Redressing Guide

  • Flush with Sterile Saline
  • Pat dry with sterile gauze
  • Apply wound gel (eg: Solosite or betadine)
  • Cover with a sterile bandage
  • Keep clean and dry
  • Continue redressing until the site has healed
  • You may require antibiotics if infection develops.

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