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Shockwave Therapy has a very high success rate, and often our patients see an instant reduction in pain.
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Conditions treated with Shockwave Therapy

What is Shock Wave Therapy (SWT)

Shock Wave Therapy is a safe, powerful and effective treatment option for many injuries of muscle, tendon and bone. It is a revolutionary medical device, that has been in use in Australia for over 15 years by Orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, podiatrists and other specialists.

It is a great alternative to pain medications, injections (such as corticosteroids), surgery or suffering with long-term or non-healing painful conditions.

SWT stimulates the body to heal and helps get you back into action sooner and pain-free.

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How Does it work?

Shockwave is a physical one, pneumatically generated by an air compressor, and delivered via a handpiece held against the skin. The shockwaves are intense, very short energy waves which are transmitted up to 4cm deep within the body. An injured area will receive around 2000 shocks. This process causes microscopic biological effects to stimulate tissue healing; release of more substance P; inhibits the Cox II enzyme; activates cellular defenses; and hyper-stimulates nerve fibers to stimulate tissue regeneration.

What conditions does SWT treat?

The upmost precision is required when prescribing custom foot orthoses. Our Podiatrists will ensure that our custom foot orthoses specifically target any abnormalities in your gait and help to reduce any pains you may be experiencing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Occasional side-effects are bruising and slight swelling.

The recommended treatment plan generally involves 3-4 visits, spaced one week apart. Your treatment plan will vary depending on variables like your injury history and the pressure level you tolerate during treatment.

Everyone presents with a different level of pain, injury and biology, hence everyone responds differently. Often pain reduction may be experienced immediately or not until your 3rd visit and the injured area will continue to heal and reduce in pain for up to 3 months.

SWT may be a stand-alone treatment or a part of a management plan. The shock wave therapy alone will heal many injuries, however, we recommend booking in for a biomechanical assessment or athlete screening to allow the podiatrist time to determine the cause of the injury, and develop an individualised plan to help prevent the injury from returning. Recommendations on other therapies will be advised, where required, for best outcomes.

Any kind of anaesthesia or pain killers are not advised as they will reduce the positive outcomes of treatment.

The podiatrist will introduce the treatment gently and gradually increase the intensity of the pressure. It can be painful, and we encourage the patient to tolerate a “painful” level, but not an “intolerable” level of pain. The majority of patients can manage, especially as the level of pain is determined by the patient.

Up to 13% of people are non-responders (have an unsuccessful outcome) to this type of treatment. Central Podiatry uses the gold standard machine, and follows a top protocol to reduce the risk of not responding to treatment. A person’s biological make-up is the main reason for not responding, hence this is not something that can be determined until after a course of treatments have been administered. We cannot offer any compensation in a case of no-response to treatment but may be-able to assist in other management/treatment options.

Shock Wave Therapy varies in cost depending on the treatment you receive. You can expect to pay between $80.00 & $140.00 per treatment. Your visit may involve other management therapies such as exercises, strapping or orthoses.

If you are covered by a Private Health Fund you will be able to claim a rebate on the cost of your consultation.